Curse of the Crimson Throne

The fall of a crimelord; Chaos in the streets Part 1

A rude awakening

Gadrian Lamb is dead, thanks to the righteous ways of my kin and I. We’ve departed from the docks into the hellish streets of Korvosa. Smells of death and fire fill the air, and screams echo in the distance. What has happened in the short time we’ve been gone. Nissa led the way through the streets back to the fortune teller’s abode. It was chaos until we finally reached Zellara’s home. We tried looking for clues as to her mysterious appearance when her rotting corpse in the docks showed her to be more then a week dead, but to no avail.
The group was split on the decision to go find out the cause of chaos, but ultimatly we decided to search outside the safety of our shelter. We encountered a group of guards battling a demonic beast, but before we could come to their aid, a drunk stopped us and somehow convinced us the battle was not for us. I regret not facing the abomination and removing the accursed being from the eyes of the innocent…. We headed north after that bout and watched as a group of hell knights slaughtered innocent krovosians. Were these warriors not meant to guard the king and his realm? so many unanswered questions. The streets were too dangerous for us, we returned to the fortune tellers home to rest.
When we awoke we were greeted by Zellara, who seemed almost spectral. She told us she was indeed dead, however her magic allowed her to communicate with us, but for short times. Although she spoke in riddles and half truths she explained the king was dead and his wife was now the ruler of the throne.We were guided to seek and audience and to help where we can. With the help of a bejeweled brooch we were granted a meeting with her majesty. When we met the queen she was not grieving which I found odd. The meeting was short and we were given the honor to aid the queen’s guard.
TBC in part 2


TacTition ThalachosIronheart

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