Thalachos Ironheart



Lawful Good Paladin
57 year old male
Adorns plate mail and a heavy steel shield

Aura of Good (evil creatures overwhelmed by aura, equal to paladins level)
Detect Evil
Smite Evil (charisma bonus to attack roll, level to damage, double to dragons, undead or evil subtype)
Divine Grace (charisma+ on saving throws)
Lay on hands(d6 heal)


A paragon of virtue, Thalachos was a model soldier in the wars of Iomedai. Honor and fame quickly accumulated for the young paladin as the wars of the church conquered new lands. The Church took notice and promoted the paladin to the role of captain, a role Thalachos was eager to take on. Although the responsibilities did take its toll on him, he would emerge a champion of the light by the end of the last battle. Now thirsty for glory and to spread the name of his glorious God, Thalachos embarks for the Crimson throne, ready for the adventure which awaits.

Thalachos Ironheart

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