Fidle and Fuzzy

The most courageous and drug addicted duo ever!


Level 2 Summoner.
75(16 actually) years old.
1’8" but I still need to grow.
42 lbs of pure beard.
I’m not strong or fast but I am smart and can talk myself out of anything.
Skilled in everything I try.
Universalist at heart.
6 strength
10 dexterity
16 constitution
16 intelligence
12 wisdom
18 charisma
Me, my quarterstaff and my sickle are putting in work.
Got that eidolon and summon monsters pre-built.
A casual illusionist in the making.


The toughest most courageous gnome ever……..kinda. Fidle is full of courage but you will quickly find out he is a coward. he can talk the talk but ask him to walk and he may just pee himself a little bit. He is just a mere child but will pretend to be an adult. He was once told about these magical things called “drugs” and is now on an eternal quest for them. With his handy snake Fuzzy by his side there really isn’t anything that he cannot mouth off to. SNAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fidle and Fuzzy

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