Curse of the Crimson Throne

Conquest of the corrupt

Righteous retribution for the Krovosians

After a brief meeting with the fortune teller Zellara, my kin and I sought out the hiding place of the crime lord Gaedren Lamm. Although some young vagrants were watching us, we gave chase and found out what we could of our upcoming heist. The children were let go, I do not believe they had much choice in their lives, another reason to put to justice this madman…

We arrived at the docks without any other surprises. after dispatching of the guard dog and that insane orc, we finally were able to make headway in our pursuit. The children helped us dispatch the task masters and i pray they all made it out in safety. I do not have much trust for the silph among our kin, but perhaps it is first impressions. After the battle we made way to the anchored ship. We slew the apprentice mage without much hassle and his kin shortly after. However I had a misstep on one of the planks and fell through to the briggs. To my surprise spiders awaited me, but the rogue and gnome were quick to my aid, I am thankful to have faithful friends on this night.
From there we recouped and made our way down the boardwalk to Gaedren’s lair. Me and the gnome Scapp were attacked once we entered his chamber from below the boardwalk. An alligator of giant proportions pulled us down into the cold sea waters. As the gnome and I fought our way out, the others dispatched of Gaedren and we went about searching for more clues. Within the wardrobe we found corpses…. My beloved, a master sorcerer, and to our surprise the fortune teller Zellara…
I have many questions for the one who set us on our quest, but for now the dead need proper burial and we need to plan for tomorow. I hear shouting from the streets, I gather what I could find and we head back onto the dangerous streets of Krovosa.


TacTition ThalachosIronheart

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