The Lightning Sorceress


Sylph Lightning Sorceress. She is both stunning, beautiful….and delusional

Shocking Grasp


Ciel was born the illegitimate daughter and a powerful Air elemental and a farmer. Her human step-mother hated her and the humans growing up often ostracized her for being different. One day when a mighty storm ravaged the small farm village and surrounding farms. The humans blamed her and prepared to sacrifice her to the locally worshiped harvest god. As they are about to light the pyre a bolt of lightning struck her over charging her latent elemental power. She unleashed it upon the villagers and escaping. With her family dead she only has one last “person” to extract revenge on a harvest god that she never cared to learn its name. To do this she will kill a god and take its place. Along the way she wishes to discover her other family the elemental side. She comes to this small pirate town following her mentor who is teaching her to hone her chaotic and unpredictable lightning magic.

Finally realizing she hates gnomes almost as much as humans Ciel leaves the party they are lesser beings undeserving of her tempered elemental power.

Age 64 (roughly 20 in human years)
Distrustful of humans
Thinks she’s a god
Blond hair glowing eyes
Translucent blue skin


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