Aasimar Bard


Chaotic good

STR 11
DEX 15
CON 12
Int 15
WIS 15
CHA 20

AC 12

Fortitude 3
Reflex 5
Will 5

Appraise 5
Bluff 14
Climb 3
Craft 5
Diplomacy 15
Disguise 15
Escape artist 5
Intimidate 5
Knowledge (Bard) 10
Linguistics 5
Perception 7
Perform (strings) 12
Sense Motive 7
Sleight of hand 5
Spellcraft 5
Stealth 5
Use magic device 8



Born into this world abandoned in a forest, the last remaining essence of Ihys trapped in the Ihystear, (A fragment of the spear Asmodeus used to slay Ihys), blessed this child with his divine essence transforming him into an Aasimar. With no heritage and no background this child was a true blank slate, to be shaped by the world as he wished, free. Some eleven monks happened by and took the child in, as they approached Elvish letters coalesced and spelled out freedom.

The monks raised him in his early years. He was rambunctious and adventurous, the lessons the monks tried to give often fell on def ears. Instead of fighting he preferred music, instead of learning to cook and brew, he preferred reading of the world. The monks simply wanted whats best. They sent him to live with a group of paladins and priests. There one night in a dream he received a vision, he saw everything being formed, the creation of planets, the mortal races, and the gift of free will. His dreamed then turned to a nightmare as he saw the war of heaven, and finally being pierced with a spear by his own brother.

He asked the head librarian of the cloister what it meant. The scholar told him the story of creation, of Ihys and Asmoedeus. He was cheered as the last remaining spark of divinity of the creator of mortals and the bestow-er of free will. The brothers and sisters of the cloister chanted how he would be the champion of freedom. However he wanted to explore see the world and make the world a better place for all, not mounting crusades and praying. So at night he left the cloister and ventured into the world.

He joined with a band of traveling minstrels who taught him music. It made his heart soar bringing smiles and laughter to others. He traveled with the group for the next 20 years. Among their tutelage and friendship he became a skilled musician, and a jovial a fellow as any could find. He was truly happy adventuring, traveling and exploring.

One day they past a town and in the square they were hosting a slave auction. Libertas watched with both intrigue and disgust. You knew that he could no longer sit by he had to become the champion of freedom he was destined to be. With a rousing song he inspired the slaves to work together and over throw their masters.

From that day he vowed to travel across the world destroying oppression and liberating the weak. He is no warrior and does not wish to fight because it is not his right to take a life. He is always distrustful of monarchs and law enforcement but can warm up to them eventually. But still he is always happiest surrounded by happy people signing songs, telling stories, and lifting their hearts.

He was driven by an inexplicable gut feeling to come to Karvosa. There he met up with so adventurers. He has yet to see if they are true friends yet.


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