Nissa Darkwood

Nissa Darkwood can be described as a calculating but headstrong rogue who isn't afraid to get her hands dirty accomplishing her goals.


Nissa Darkwood: The Shadow Ranger ( Chaotic Good )
Level 4 Female Half-Elf

Weapon: Repeaters Light Crossbow (5 Bolts per clip) 1D8 (Critical: 19-20 (x2)) Range: 80ft
Weapon: Elven Short-sword 1D8 (Critical: 20 (x3))
Weapon: Long Composite Bow 1D8 + 5 (Strength Modifier) (Critical: 20 (x3)) Range: 130ft
Armour: Studded Leather (3 Armour Bonus)
Ammo: Repeating Cross bolts (152)
Ammo: Flight Arrows (
20 Longbow Range) (100)

Strength: 20
Dexterity: 20
Constitution: 18
Intellect: 18
Wisdom: 15
Charisma: 15

Armour Class: 20
Flat Footed Armour Class: 15
Health Points: 60 (+4 HP Skill Focus)
Speed: 30ft
Fortitude: 5
Reflex: 9
Will: 4

Base Attack Bonus: 4
CMB: 9
CMD: 24

Languages: Common, Elvish

Feats/Rogue Talents:
1. Point Blank Shot: +1 Attack bonus to hit and damage a target within 30ft
2. Snipers Eye: Ability to sneak attack a target within 30ft. (Roll 2D6 extra Damage if target is caught flat footed or flanked)
3. Rapid Shot: Ability to fire 1 extra arrow with a -2 chance to hit on each arrow. Repeaters Crossbow allows this up to 5 times with a -10 chance to hit on each arrow.
4. Weapon Proficiency Bows: Extra chance to hit a target while using a bow.
5. Uncanny Dodge: Can-not be caught flat footed (can-not have dexterity modifier be subtracted from Armour class.)
6. Rogue Ki-Pool: Gain a number of ki equal to wisdom modifier (minimum 1) these replenish each day (Via normal 8 hour rest or a small Meditation period) and can be used to gain +10 movement speed for one turn each.

Special Abilities/racial talents:
1. Low Light Vision: Double normal human sight distance at night or concealed in darkness.
2. Evasion: A successful reflex saving throw that normally deals half damage, deals nothing instead.
3. Spell Immunity: Immune to sleep spells and +2 Saving throws to enchantment spells.
4. Keen Senses: +2 to perception
5. Skill Focus: +6 to stealth
6. Sneak Attack (Snipers Eye): If a target is caught flat footed or flanked roll 2D6 extra damage against the target.
7. Trap Finding: 1/2 Current level added to disabling locks and devices


Nissa Darkwood

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