Level 2 Inquisitor


True Neutral Inquisitor
40 year old male gnome
Wearing quilted armor and running a coin across his knuckles
Judgement (1/day)*
Monster Lore

Level 1:
Command (Approach, Drop, Fall, Flee, Halt)
Cure Light Wounds (1d8+1 per level)
True Strike (+20 on next attack)

Destruction: +1 Damage
Healing: Fast Healing 1 / +1 HP
Justice: +1 Attack Rolls
Piercing: +1 Concentration
Protection: +1 AC
Purity: +1 Saving Throws
Resiliency: DR 1/Magic
Resistance: 2 Energy Resistance
Smiting: Magic Weapon


A pursuer of chance, Scapp spent his young life in the Vas Legas. His parents owned the biggest betting house in the city and he learnt to gamble from its visitors. In his late teens a disagreement left his parents without a business and Scapp without a home. He began travelling across the land seeking bigger and bigger gambles to help him through his troubles. After a particularly big loss Scapp found himself worse off then he ever was and trapped by those he bet against, the god Ormet came down and granted him the power to escape in exchange for his devotion. Since then he has continued to pursue the path of the True Gambler and seeks out his biggest gamble yet, The Crimson Throne.


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